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La prestigiosa
Quirino Drinks
auspicia nuestros cursos

Quirino Drinks


::: CURSOS :::

is for those whom are interested in
the world of beverage service
and are unable to attend our courses,
because of distance or time,
offered at our location here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The program uses resources such as demonstrative videos, audio, graphics, the Internet, texts and feedback from your instructor who will be online, at your disposal, while taking the course.

The class is not a list of recipes, those can be found online.

The course is professional training which includes instruction on the bar's fabrication for optimal service, to the proper techniques of preparation of the most widely recognized drinks and cocktails consumed both locally as well as throughout the world.

You will be learn how to make classic International drinks, delicious creamy and frozen drinks, exotic tropical beverages, Brazilian specialties, aphrodisiacs and everything regarding the latest in cocktail fashion.

There is also a chapter regarding the methods of mixology and the creation of non-alcoholic beverages, a new rapidly growing trend worldwide.

Please send us an E-mail for more information about our school, programs and prices!

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