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Come on and discover the world of bartending.
The best bartenders from Argentina studied here.
Join us!



It's now available for everybody the first video of our series.
And it's not simply good: it's a master piece!
A really cool course about this art. The best choreographies and the more incredible routines to making the even more fabulous drinks.
It's a MUST HAVE if you are serious with your job as ShowBarman.

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We are noticing a major demand of professional bartenders, due to the growth in the cuisine and tourism market. Each day is more and more increasing the demand for professional bartenders, new startups and full updates. This is the best stage to put hands to work, so if you had thought in this career as sidekick for your personal grow, take it seriously into account. Qualification is king.
Given the posibility, go on and surf our pages and get informed about the experience of our trainers and the high quality of our updated programs.

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If you enjoy having fun, traveling, hanging out with friends or just being the host of your own parties, Forum Bartender’s together with Mente Argentina, offer you a Unique and Exclusive Professional Barman program.
This program includes a professional barman course mixed with cultural daily activities (+ optional Spanish lessons), for you to get involved with the rich Argentinean culture and Night Life. Download program brochures for more details.

Come to visit Argentina, do what you enjoy doing most and go through this unforgettable experience with us!


These are the sophisticated drinks you may taste in the bigger cocktail cathedrals, like Miami, San Francisco, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Aspen, Liverpool or in Costa del Sol.
Don't forget to visit the Drinks Guide... and the TOP 9 of the Coolest Drinks, the classics distinguished with its own style.

and start doing these marvels today!

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Matías Supán

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Why she has success?

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Another Cool Toy
Learn to prepare
150 classics drinks
from the best bars.
Drinks Guide.

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